What’s next for AdvenChair?

Since its arrival in December of 2018, the first prototype of the AdvenChair version 2.0 has been undergoing rigid testing on Central Oregon trails, performing well on both snow and ice. Some adjustments are being made to the front wheel rod and the footplate, and further testing will take place as spring and summer allow access to more varied terrain. To see what the future holds for the AdvenChair and when you’ll be able to see or purchase it yourself, check out our Timeline.     

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Winter/Spring 2019

Test and refine prototype…test and refine…test and refine. Conduct market analysis and outreach.

February 2019

Abilities Expo Trade Show—Los Angeles, California

summer/Fall 2019

First limited production run of Advenchairs

october 2019

Apply to compete in the Breakout Venture Conference—Bend, Oregon