What others are saying about the AdvenChair.

When something comes along as revolutionary as the AdvenChair, it’s bound to cause a stir. And that’s exactly what has happened in its relatively short lifespan. Here’s what people are saying about it before it has even hit the trails.


Pat Addabbo
Executive Director,
Oregon Adaptive Sports
Bend, Oregon

“From my standpoint as a program provider, the key things I would be looking for are adjustability for different sizes and abilities of people, ease of assistance by staff/volunteers, and durability. The AdvenChair fits all of these. I think the AdvenChair will surely fill a need in the adaptive recreation industry.”


David Price
Bok Tower Gardens
Lake Wales, Florida

“Bok Tower Gardens is a public garden and nature preserve. We are committed to access to our lands by our nearly quarter million visitors a year. The AdvenChair project is one we support and look forward to benefiting from the research into building a better chair and having one of these chairs for our visitors’ convenience.”


Carol Stiles
Executive Director,
Stroke Awareness Oregon
Bend, Oregon

“Stroke affects one in six people and is the leading cause of disability in the world. Those experiencing stroke may lose mobility and the activities they enjoyed pre-stroke. Certainly, the ability to participate in outdoor activities like hiking can be lost and no one knows this better than you, Geoff.

The Stroke Awareness Oregon Board of Directors applauds your tireless work to promote stroke awareness and your dedication to enhancing the mobility of stroke victims through the AdvenChair. Your courage and ingenuity in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. The conception of a wheelchair able to withstand the rigors of outdoor wilderness activities is a breakthrough. We encourage you to keep rolling boldly.”


Michelle Pearson
Redmond, Oregon

“Three years ago, I had a Hemorrhagic Stroke that left my left side paralyzed and in continual need of an assistant. I used to be quite active in the outdoors with friends and family. That came to a sudden halt after my stroke as the regular wheelchair I now have gets easily stuck in soft dirt surfaces and my family has to jerk it around to get it unstuck. I would be honored to be available to help try out your product.”


Kylee Hoelscher
Louisville, Kentucky

“My daughter became paralyzed almost 3 years ago from a spinal cord stroke, and is a paraplegic. Finding equipment for pediatrics is very difficult, so I'm excited to see this product! I'd love to get out hiking again with her!”