A Closer Look

Finally, a wheelchair that lets people with disabilities get off the beaten path.

The AdvenChair is an all-terrain, human-powered vehicle that allows people with mobility challenges to experience the serenity and grandeur of wild places with family and friends, comfortably traveling onto rugged trails, sand, and even snow.

With its adjustable handlebars and hand brakes, adjustable seat and harness, a team of one to five people can navigate the AdvenChair over rocky, soft or steep terrain with the stability and durability of a mountain bike. At the same time, its removable front wheels and ergonomic design allow the AdvenChair to easily pass through doorways and maneuver indoors, or to be disassembled for transport in the trunk of a car.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The Team

From the first time Geoff Babb tried to go for a ride to the park in his wheelchair and promptly did a face plant as the front wheels got stuck in a crack in the sidewalk, he and Yvonne have been looking for ways to create a chair that can handle all types of terrain, as well as for people who can help them make it. Here’s more about the team who have made the AdvenChair what it is today.


Geoff Babb—the father of invention.

Back in 2005, Geoff Babb was a BLM fire ecologist and an avid outdoorsman living in Bend, Oregon. He loved to ski, mountain bike and backpack with his wife Yvonne and twin 12-year-old boys. That is, until November 10, when a near-fatal brain stem stroke left him confined to a wheelchair and with only limited use of one hand.


What Others are Saying

When something comes along as revolutionary as the AdvenChair, it’s bound to cause a stir. And that’s exactly what has happened in its relatively short lifespan. Here’s what people are saying about it before it has even hit the trails.


What’s Next for AdvenChair?

To see what the future holds for the AdvenChair and when you’ll be able to see or purchase it yourself, check out our Timeline.