Team AdvenChair


Every AdvenChair is built with insight, innovation and passion.

The AdvenChair is a human-powered, off-road vehicle that’s been more than a dozen years in the making. From the first time Geoff Babb tried to go for a ride to the park in his wheelchair and promptly did a face plant as the front wheels got stuck in a crack in the sidewalk, he and his wife Yvonne have been looking for ways to create a chair that can handle all types of terrain, as well as for people who can help them make it. Here’s more about the team who have made the AdvenChair what it is today.


Geoff Babb

AdvenChairman of The Onward Project, LLC and the visionary of the AdvenChair, was an avid backpacker, climber, and mountain biker when his access to the outdoors was interrupted by a near-fatal brain-stem stroke in 2005. Not one to be denied, Geoff and his family and friends have worked since his release from the hospital to create a chair that can travel over the scenic but rugged terrain near his home in the mountain town of Bend, Oregon.



Yvonne Babb

Geoff’s wife of 33 years, primary caregiver and head Sherpa in most of his adventures. In addition to being a housekeeper, teacher, designer, naturalist, mother of twin (now adult) sons, she manages to run a sustainable landscape business known as Your Garden Companion. Whether on the trail or in town, Yvonne is keenly aware of the weight, ergonomics and packability of wheelchairs in general, and specifically the AdvenChair and has made significant contributions to its design.


Dale Neubauer.jpg

Dale Neubauer

A backcountry enthusiast, aviation tooling designer, helicopter mechanic and inventor of the Heli-LadderTM, a portable, multi-level maintenance ladder for helicopters. A long-time family friend of Geoff and Yvonne, he was the point man in developing the original AdvenChair, the highly modified conventional wheelchair that performed exceptionally well during its early testing phase, but met its match in the descent into the Grand Canyon. Recognizing the structural limitations of standard wheelchair frame designs, Dale invited friend (and business associate) Jack Arnold to evaluate new options and bring a higher level of design expertise to the project.



Jack Arnold

A native of Southern California who spent most of his free time camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada range. Upon moving to Bend, Oregon in 2004, he developed a passion for upland game bird hunting in the Owyhee River country with his trusty Llewellin setters. Jack got involved with the AdvenChair project in May of 2017 after seeing Geoff’s vision for version 2.0. He used his engineering and design experience along with SolidWorks 3D CAD to produce the manufacturing documentation. He then procured quotes and parts for the first build, and helped the team build the new prototype.



Rylan Kihs

An employee at HeliLadder and a student at OSU Cascades in Bend, Oregon, majoring in Natural Resources. Rylan enjoys spending his time outdoors on a bicycle and his time indoors working on them. With that background, he was able to provide suggestions regarding bicycle component selection, and has been instrumental in the AdvenChair assembly process.


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