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Revolutionary all-terrain wheelchair passes first trail test with flying colors.

The AdvenChair, a new all-terrain wheelchair developed entirely in Bend, Oregon, left its first tire tracks on local trails this month. Now, the company founded by fire ecologist Geoff Babb faces the challenge of making the product gain traction with the millions of people throughout the country who use wheelchairs, and are typically left stranded at the trailhead when friends and family want to go for a hike.

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AdvenChair rolls out IndieGoGo campaign to help fund revolutionary all-terrain wheelchair.

Life could be getting a lot more exciting for people with disabilities who want to venture off the beaten path and experience the grandeur of the wilderness. The Onward Project has just launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to support a new version of the AdvenChair, a one-of-a-kind wheelchair designed to boldly go where no chair has gone before.

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